Rules of InnerCircle

Please read ALL of the following rules carefully
- Level 150 Requirement. InnerCircle has a level 150 requirement People level 80-150 please consider joining our sister clan Divine Force. All players level 150+ please see any General or Guardian in game which can also be found on the clan roster page.
- No Kill-stealing. This applies to everyone. If someone steals your kill, inform a leader and let them deal with it, DO NOT retaliate.
No begging. Simple, no one likes a beggar. If a boss drops an item that you need, you may politely ask if you can have it ONCE, no more.
No trash talking. Trash-talking makes the clan look bad as a whole, so please do not do it. Again, if you have a problem with someone, let a leader know.
- No selling boss drops. Level 150+ clansmen may sell Frags, Rems, Tabs, Crests and Orbs, but may also bank if they choose to. Dragonlord and Raid Loot may not be sold. Levels 80-149 must bank all boss drops. This includes Disc Fragments, Remnants, Tablets, Orbs of Frostweaving, Crests, Raid Gear (Aggy/Event drops) and any Ritual items for Dragonlord. We earned the drops as a clan, the drops should stay within the clan.
Clan Bank
The Clan Bank is one of the greatest features and bonuses about being a member of InnerCircle. This feature can only work with the incredibly generous donations and input that all of our clan members give. We have 2 banks that hold different types of items, making the banking process smoother and much more time-efficient for all members.
InnerVault - Is our main bank. We use this bank only for Dragonlord Upgrades and Raid Loot ready for distribution.
InnerDepo - Is our sub-bank. We use this bank for spell tomes, pages, covers, bindings, rings of any type, frags, remnants and tablets. We currently have multiple copies of every page for every class in this bank, which would not be possible without the hard-work and generosity of our clan members. If you need anything from 'InnerDepo', just ask a Leader. If you need to donate something, just mail it to InnerDepo, Level 3 Rogue. 
Probation Period (Trial)
If you meet the level  150  requirement  and agree to the above-mentioned rules, you may apply for InnerCircle . (Please find any leader in-game to enquire about joining). Subject to your acceptance into our clan, you will undergo a trial. This trial will last until the leaders feel that you have earned yourself a promotion (you can help your chances of being promoted by doing things such as camping bosses, attending boss fights, being an active player, and primarily levelling as much as you can.).
You should use this period of time to get to know your new clan members and become accustomed to life as a member of the InnerCircle. Any boss drops you happen to receive during this probation period, you should hand over to any present Clansman, Guardian, General or Chieftain and they will forward it to the bank. Prior to your promotion to an official Clansman, all current clan members will discuss whether or not you will stay. If current members have any problems and are against you staying, you will be removed from the InnerCircle.
If any of the above-mentioned rules are broken, the offender will be given 1 warning. If the original offender then goes on to break another rule, they will be removed from the clan. Everyone deserves a second chance, no one deserves a third.