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9. [Perl]   (25/11/2016 21:26)
InnerCircle has moved its website to HERE

8. xHashTaG   (07/01/2015 01:30)
can u add me to the roster plss smile

i have an alt named xhashbrown lvl 52 ranger too :P

7. master187   (06/06/2014 23:24)
this clan sucks i want eve to crush this clan!!!!!!!!!!!! this clan sucks alot outliers beat em angry angry angry angry angry angry angry

6. sympathy   (28/04/2014 01:28)
I really wanna join inner circle but how do I get in ? Because everytime I try to join I never get in I guess the votes are against me or somthing but please give me a shot inner circle ill make you all proud . thank you all very much for listening

5. R3ALZ   (06/01/2014 16:45)
InnerCircle is Not an "end game clan" - cause of the recent find that terminator has reached 201 so there is no end game clan - because support is lvl 1000 and maybe ppl in the near future can get there! :))

4. Killerlord   (04/01/2014 16:26)
I think that you messed up on the warden upgrade
Lvl -- lvl 60 gloves -- lvl 65 -- boots -- lvl 70 hood -- lvl 75 greaves -- lvl 80 breastplate -- overall this website is great

3. Cal Pav [Hawkye]   (23/08/2013 16:46)
The website would look better in light blue, green doesn't fits at all

2. DEATHStrikes   (15/08/2013 16:55)
Im asking you guys this because argo is running short on upgrades that i need for my meteoric bp.I currently have no mind tabs of obsidian and no black remmnants of stars.IF you guys have any in innersub it would be great if you could mail me any if you have some.

In game ign is: DEATHStrikes

level:121 rogue of argosin
Proud guardian smile

1. Weaverchris   (03/08/2013 17:10)
Wow this website has everything. Great job everyone that created it biggrin


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