- Obtain Warden Weapon
- Reach Level 105


- To begin the quest talk to Roarke the Blacksmith in Highshore Village in Lir's Reach. He will need your Warden Weapon and Enchanted Sky Iron to create your meteoric Weapon.

Obtain Enchanted Sky Iron 

- You will be directed to talk to Broon the Mage in Highshore Village in Lir's Reach to obtain the Enchanted Sky Iron. Broon requires 3 things to create the Enchanted Sky Iron: 1 Focus of Enchantment and 2 Pieces of Falling Star.

Obtain Focus of Enchantment

- Go talk to Severina the Alchemist in Dustwither Catacombs. She is located beside the Withered Vaults leystone. She will ask you to retrieve 3 Benediction/Litany/Invocation/Echoes/Rites (Depending on class) of Morrigan for her. These can be found from Priestess of Morrigan in the Carrowmore Tunnels . She will reward you with the Focus of Enchantment for the 3 Morrigans.

Warriors - Benediction of Morrigan
Rangers - Invocation of Morrigan
Rogues - Echoes of Morrigan
Mages - Rites of Morrigan
Druids - Litanys of Morrigan

Falling Star Part 1

- To start go talk to Taliesin the Bard who can be found outside the left side of Farcrag Castle in Lir's Reach. He will direct you to Jaryn the Smuggler who can be found in the Tavern. He will ask that you kill Aidan Shadowfist, Elva Duskwatch and Caeran Nightscar, who can be found in the Dunskieg Sewers. They are located on the Interactive Map (look at Legend to find their Icons). Return to Jaryn and he will reward with the first Falling Star.

Falling Star Part 2

- Talk to Torbin the Sailor in Lir's Reach close to the Eastern Dock leystone on the Dock by the water. he will give you a quest to obtain a Sea Chart. The Seachart is on Captain Blackstorm  in Fingals Cave, He is located on the map. Return the SeaChart to Torbin and he will reward you with the second Falling Star.

Completing the Quest

- Return to Highshore Village and hand in the Focus of Enchantment and the 2 Falling Stars to Broon the Mage and he will reward you with the Enchanted Sky Iron.
- Ensure your Warden Weapon and the Enchanted Sky Iron are in your inventory.
- Talk to Roarke the Blacksmith in Highshore Village and he will reward you with your very own Meteoric Weapon.

Congratulations you have completed the Meteoric Weapon Quest!
Written By Anexander